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8x10 Boys Varsity Soccer Team 2022 copy 25x7 Varsity Soccer Team 2022 YBAndri Rogel VarelaAndri Rogel Varela_2Andri Rogel Varela_3Cristofer Loyo bannerCristofer Loyo banner1Cristofer Loyo banner1_2Cristofer Loyo banner1_3Cristofer Loyo banner_2Cristofer Loyo banner_3Cristofer LoyoCristofer Loyo_2Cristofer Loyo_3Derek MorrisonDerek Morrison_2Derek Morrison_3Gavin Berge Varsity and JV copyGavin Berge Varsity and JV copy_2Gavin Berge Varsity and JV copy_3