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Here at TJK Wolf Productions we want your sports photos to be more than just a photo package you purchase and throw into the drawer.  
We want to capture this milestone in your child's life, you never know they may go onto be the next Giannis Antekokounmpo, Aaron Rodgers or Christian Yelich.  You will want to pull out the awesome peewee picture when they hit the big time.  Ok, so maybe they won't be in the big time any time soon, but at the very least you'll be pulling out those pictures at their graduation party.  That's why we want to give you the choice of which poses you best remember your child.  Below are some videos to help you navigate the website and help you pick the perfect pose and backgrounds. 

Thank You For your Support?

The TJK Wolf Productions Team



How To Select Favorites:

How_to_Select_Favorites_1080pThis short video will show you how to share your favorite poses with the photographer. This is great if you preordered the traditional way with a paper envelope.

How Does Picture Day Work?

Stix_Photo_Day_720pThis short video will show you have Photo Day is run.